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What is the Crave Art Club?

The Crave Art Club is an online art membership designed to help you connect more with your family through weekly art projects delivered straight to you. We want to encourage you to create together on a regular basis and help take the fear and overwhelm out of the process. Art is supposed to be fun, and in the Crave Art club, you will see “fun art” is more than possible! We will help guide you and your kids, step by step through weekly "fun art" projects you can do together or your kids can do on their own. 


Creating art is a great way to ease stress, laugh, be courageous, be inspired, feel joy, connect as a family and so much more as you will see. We would love to be a part of your creative journey with your family. We look forward to seeing you inside the Crave Art Club.

Learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

Here's why this will benefit your family, broken down, super simple. Here is what you get as a member in the Crave Art Club.

3-4 Full Art Lessons Each Month. Broadcast live in Facebook and available on-demand afterwards.

Games and Challenges

Monthly Bonuses

Step-by-Step Lesson Plans

Printable Supply Lists

Community in the Members Only Facebook Group

Templates (if they are helpful for the lessons)

Free Admission into Any Online Paint Party Event

Discounts on In-Person Paint Parties

Access to Me, Ms. Ashley, to Help You with Questions You Might Have Via PM's

Member Gallery

Get to know Ms. Ashley (Instructor, Founder)

Hi, my name is, Ashley Bruce, owner, and founder of Your Creative Avenue and the Crave Art Club. I love Jesus, my family, my friends, art and all things creative and uplifting. I enjoy sharing God's love through family art time. My background is in theatre and film where I worked for many years and still occasionally do. I left that field full time to raise our two boys. Along our journey, when my oldest son was starting 1st grade, I was asked to create and start an art program for his elementary school of 600+ kids. I had asked God for an opportunity to teach art to kids but I had no idea how big that would be. It has changed our lives. We ran the program for a few years before having to move. In that transition, we started homeschooling and realized we missed the art program and the family connections that had been created along with it. So, in 2019, we decided to take what we did in the classroom and bring it online making it fun for families. We knew it had to be family-friendly because we had seen how amazing it was to have parents volunteer in their child's art class only to end up sitting down to create art with them. They too were able to have fun creating art when they originally thought they weren’t “artists”. So, we are here to change that fixed mindset. To help you and your kids unlock your inner creativity. To help kids and parents come together through fun family art times regularly. We believe God created us all to be creative. There are many ways to be creative and ours is through art. So, as a family, this is what we do. We hope to bring the peace and joy we have found through art to other families online!

Ms. Ashley
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