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Family Art Time Made Simple & Easy #2

In this free video workshop, I am going to share with you answers how you can create “fun art” memories with your family, simply and easy.

In this video, I show you some simple and affordable tips and trick for prepping your table space, small containers I like for storage, how to organize your brushes, pencils, pens and paint tools, and even how to organize while you are painting to make your clean up super simple. Yep, you can be cleaning as you work and your kids won't even realize they are cleaning mid painting! How great is that?

Finally, I will show you my two favorite things I have at the table with me for clean up and storage. One might sound silly, but it totally works, trust me. I used this in the classroom and wondered why I hadn't been doing it at home my entire life. You will thank me for this simple little trick that really makes a world of difference. And the second is the best way I have found to store supplies. It's very helpful, very compact, and very easy to move from point a to point b if your living space does not allow for art supplies to be out all of the time. Even if you have a place that does, this storage "container" is awesome and super easy for kids and parents you access.

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