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Family Art Time Made Simple & Easy #3

In this free video workshop, I am going to share with you answers how you can create “fun art” memories with your family, simply and easy.

in Video #3, we are going to give you a little tour through the Crave Art Club Facebook group and show you what it would be like to be a part of it if you decide to join us. You and your kiddos are also going to have an opportunity to create a simple fun art project along with us. So grab some paper and pencils and let’s get started!


Remember, we are all in different stages of our journey. There are people in stage 1 and people in stage 3 and people in stage 5, so embrace wherever it is you are on your journey! There is no right or wrong way to make art other than, not making it. LOL So, let's grant ourselves some grace and remember, everyone’s art should look different. No two pieces should be the same. This is what makes them unique. So, allow yourself to just have fun with this time with your family around the art table.


When you finish your drawing you can color it in if you want with anything you have at home. If you want to watercolor it we suggest drawing this again on watercolor paper! *Tip* one side of watercolor paper is for paint ant the other side is not! So use the side with more texture, if it’s in a watercolor pad use the side that is facing up when you open the pad. It absorbs the color better than the backside. 


Instead of posting in the Crave Art Club (since it’s still closed until October 6th!) post your giraffes colored or not, in the facebook group @YourCreativeAvenue.


We are so happy you joined us for this peek inside the Crave Art Club and hopefully, you got to see a little bit of the fun you can start having with your family creating art together with all of us.

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