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I Can’t Even Draw A Stick Figure!

“I can’t even draw a stick figure.” I love this line. I love this line for so many reasons. I love it because I know that in your head, you tru

ly believe a stick figure is the most basic form of art. And, I know, that this mindset is totally not your reality. You just need to give yourself grace and set aside the time to learn. 

Let’s quickly go back to the beginning. When you were born you had no idea how to run. You basically just laid around all day. Until, you watched others around you for a little while, moving about. So, you started trying to figure out how to move. Then with a little time and practice, you were rolling over. Then you worked those muscles a little more and were sitting up! With a little more watching, learning, and determination you were pulling yourself up and standing. Now to walk. You tried, and you fell, but you didn’t give up. You kept trying, and building those muscles, and trying again until one day you were walking. It might not have been the prettiest walk, but you walked and you felt great! You did it! But the more you walked, the easier it got, the less you had to think about each step and the more it came naturally to you. And before you knew it you were running, and jumping and playing and trying a million more new things. The beginning was tough, and you had no clue what you were doing, but you didn’t let that stop you. Just think about how different your life would be now if you never took those first steps. 

It’s the same with art and anything in life really. If you think there is something you might enjoy doing and it might improve your quality of life and the life of those around you, why wouldn’t you give yourself the grace to learn and try new things. If you stop before you really give yourself the gift of trying, you might miss out on years or even decades of something beautiful and full of joy for you. Not to mention, all of the people that might miss out on experiencing the gift you chose not to explore because you were afraid you weren’t going to be “good enough”. You are enough. And you only have this one life. Don’t let your peace, and your joy go, because you are worried about what others will think, or because it’s not going to be great right away. Give yourself the time and grace to try and try and try again.

“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.” I heard this for the first time last year from the amazing, Stu McLaren. Built into this quote is, grace. Grace to try. Grace to not get it right. Grace to practice. And grace to grow. If you start whatever it is you think you might enjoy doing, without expectations of being the best at it, but instead with doing it to learn and look for the joy within the process, you will see some really cool things happen. And I’d be willing to bet, with the right teachers, the right support, having patience and giving yourself grace, you will be able to “draw much more than a sick figure.”

Now, give yourself grace and try that “thing” you have put off for way too long.  You might just discover a talent you didn’t know you had hiding inside.


Ms. Ashley

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